How to Self-study With EmoEles for Ages 15 to 17

$40.0 $32.0

Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Cledor Education
Language: English
Inside: Illustrated stories/contents for your thrill, fun and skill
Hardcover Textbook Dimensions: 284mm x 224mm
Practice Contents Provider: McGraw Hill Education


In This Edition:

Introductory Seminar & Course Overview

Once Upon a Time in ScooVille

LESSON ONE The PAR-Drill and the PAR

LESSON TWO Memory & Recall/Mnemonic Devices

Remembering Lists

Remembering Number Sequences

Remembering Foreign/New Words

LESSON THREE Types and Methods of Studying

LESSON FOUR Study-time Management

LESSON FIVE Systems of Spaced Repetition


LESSON SIX Application of the PAR with the EmoEles System of Spaced Repetition


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