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Frequently asked questions

Here, we have answered frequently asked questions about EmoEles and the Learner Clinics (LCs).

How can one register for EmoEles?

Simply click here to get started. You may want to start with a free demo (live online seminar) after which you may choose to enrol for any other EmoEles based package.

When can one register for EmoEles?


Registration can be completed anytime online for free.

What is the difference between LC and EmoEles?

LC is a programme. EmoEles is a learning tool created by Cledor Education through the LCs in Ghana.

Is the LC endorsed by the Ghana Education Service (GES)?

Yes. The LC is endorsed by the GES. In the year 2014, the GES approved the LC to be replicated for pupils and students in all ten regions across Ghana.

Why is the LC programme not integrated with the existing school curricula in Ghana?

Our ultimate objective is to integrate the LC contents with the existing schools curricula in Ghana. That way, every student would automatically access LC contents at one point or the other so long as they attend a school in Ghana. However, this will come at a huge cost which the state is not ready to bear at this time. Moreover, if this programme were sponsored by the state or other funding agency for schools in Ghana, such sponsorship would be limited to schools in the public education system. That means, pupils and students within the private education system would pay a small fee for LC contents that are not listed as free.

What are the packages available at the LC?

Currently, there are two major packages which are designed for pupils and students in regular schools and colleges. They are:
1. EmoEles: This is a comprehensive learning tool that stimulates critical thinking during study. This is designed for use by pupils and students in upper primary right up to the tertiary and post-tertiary levels. Learners must pass a placement test as part of the training on EmoEles. The placement test however does not apply to the free webinar.
2. Supervision of Study: Learners who have completed training on EmoEles may request this package upon completion. It involves supervising the learner to effectively apply the EmoEles in studying any subject under the sun. The assigned Supervisor will also help the learner to effectively apply contents in his/her school syllabi (i.e. school subject or course contents) through hands-on experiments and practical sessions that help relate theory to the real life.
Study timelines are ad-ons designed for clients who request a Supervisor of Studies. The timelines organise a learner’s day and recommend specific periods during which the learner must study specific subjects for optimum achievement.

What happens when a client fails a placement test?

Where a client fails any component of the placement test, interventions are made to bring the person up to speed before they can request the Supervision of Study.

Who are the targeted clients for the LC programme?

The LC programme has contents for all levels of education in Ghana. The EmoEles, however, does not apply to pupils or students below age nine (9) or lower primary.

How affordable are the LC contents?

We have made conscious efforts to make the LC accessible to all pupils and students in Ghana. Our fees are very affordable. Some of our sessions are even free of charge. Note however that where you request the physical presence of an Interventionist or Supervisor of Study, services would cost a little more than where the same services are rendered online through our state of the art virtual classroom set-ups. Have a feel of our online systems by enrolling for a free live demo now. Take advantage of our free demo and decide if subsequent sessions are worth paying for.

How effective is EmoEles?



Second to none! All our clients who have successfully completed and applied our tool have demonstrated significant improvement in the outcome of their learning. Click here to see what some of our clients have to say about their experiences at the LC. Hear it from the horse’s own mouth.

Does the LC teach ways to study for a test?

Yes, EmoEles goes beyond teaching the ways to study for a test. As part of your training, you will also learn how to set questions the way that any trained examiner anywhere on this planet would set test questions. If you could learn to be a step ahead of your examiner, it means the way you study for a test would become more purposefully driven.

How long does one take to complete the training on EmoEles?

On the average, the training on how to self-study with EmoEles would be completed in 2 months. Sessions are held for a minimum of two hours each week. You will have many weekday and weekend options to choose from. These options are designed to as much as possible suit your personal schedules. Upon your request, sessions may even be completed within just one week.

The supervision of study can be requested as recurring sessions or as a one-off session. One-off sessions where requested would last for a minimum of two hours.

I can’t have sessions online. How can you help me?

Sessions can be held at any venue of the Client’s choice if we should find it feasible.

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